Fin Clean 55

Solvent Cleaner

General Description

Fin Clean 55 is a liquid, water reduceable cleaning compound. This product is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Fin Clean 55 products a clean, free rinsing surface that dries spot free. This product possesses excellent cleaning and rinsing characteristics.

Application Description:

Fin Clean 55 can be applied by any form of spray method or immersion. This is a high foaming product.


Appearance: Clear Pink Liquid
Odor: Mild Surfactant
pH 10%: About 9.5

Fin Clean is our eco-friendly cleaning solution, returns heat exchanger coils to return the equipment back to peak performance and improve energy efficiency.
Fin Clean is a process to clean exterior finned tubed exchangers and boilers. Instead of using high- pressure water or other liquid means to clean finned tubes.
Fin Clean utilizes a low pressure - high volume system that consistently and thoroughly cleans the finned exterior tubes.
Fin Clean is an environmentally friendly solution to clean: Fin Fans, Convection sections of furnaces, Pre-heaters, Boilers & Large Radiators

Hydrocarbons and other airborne debris attaches itself to the fins and as the finned tube becomes dirtier, it becomes increasingly noticeable thus reducing efficiency of the exchanger. The exterior of the finned tubes become fouled and dirty by the fans pulling (induced draft), or pushing (forced draft) dirt and debris onto the finned tubes.

Optimizing your return

Fin Clean 55 rate of exchange

• Improved cooling performance and unit efficiency
• Increased production
• Prolonged unit life
• Reduced maintenance costs
• No production loss with "online" cleaning
• Zero damage to fins
• Removes all debris and corrosive elements
• Foam expands to coat and clean entire surface area
• pH balanced cleaning formula
• After performing the foam cleaning process, operations can adjust and/or reduce variable motor settings to exert less energy in the cooling process