Triton A-1 is a concentrated formula used for hydrocarbon remediation and general cleaning. What makes Triton A-1 unique is its ability to break down hydrocarbons (gas, diesel, crude, VOC/ LEL, grease, etc..) yet be an environmentally friendly, waterbased chemical with a near neutral ph, 3 zeros on the haz-mat diamond and biodegradable. These characteristics allow Triton A-1 to be a much better alternative to the fluctuating costs of citrus-based cleaners or sodium-based cleaners that can leave a residue and harm what they are being applied to. It is also a safer product than the high ph chemicals that can damage equipment and hurt the ones applying the products.

Triton A-1 was first used in the Oil and Gas Industry as a general degreaser for the rig as well as a remediation product for crude and diesel spills. However, it has since branched into other areas such as marine, casinos, restaurants, waste processing and can be used at home. Anywhere oil, grease, diesel or any other type of hydrocarbon is an issue, Triton A-1 can potentially provide a solution.

Triton A-1 has been used primarily in the oil field as an all-in-one cleaner. Rigs will use it as a general degreaser for cleaning the rig. They will also use it as an emergency spill kit to remediate any type of leaks or spills that may happen on the location. It is even used with water as a replacement for diesel to flush out the oil base mud lines. Triton A-1 is also used to remediate the pad of any diesel that may be there once the rig leaves the location. This pad remediation has significantly cut down on Operators haul off costs and liability.

Triton A-1 is used almost every day to remediate oil spills from the soil, trees, grass or other types of vegetation. Its ability to break down the hydrocarbon chain and turn it into a food source for the indigenous microbes allows it to effectively remediate spills in days or weeks versus months or years.

Triton A-1 has been used in many confined space applications to knock down VOC/LEL before entry.

Triton A-1 has been used by multiple companies in a wide variety of industries to clean oil, grease, asphalt, diesel, gasoline or any other type of hydrocarbon off their equipment or vehicles. It can be used to clean compressors, diesel/gasoline storage tanks, trucks used for hauling crude oil, barges or anywhere else hydrocarbon contamination is an issue. It is even effective at cleaning grease from grease traps or vent hoods.

Triton A-1 was pulled into the marine industry because of a lack of good options for cleaning out bilges, fuel storage tanks, clogged lines, and grease builds up. It has now become an effective solution that can used to clean most marine vessels. Because Triton A-1 is water-based and biodegradable is has even been used to safely eliminate rainbow or sheen that may begin to show on the water from a leak.

Product Description

✓ A water-based blend of surfactants.

✓ Biodegradable.

✓ Emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons, fats, oils, and grease instantly.

✓ Does not contain builders, petroleum distillates, caustics, acids tall oils, d-Limonene, or nitrates.

✓ Non-Toxic.

✓ Completely miscible in water and will not cloud or separate upon dilution.

✓ Accelerates hydrocarbon degradation.

✓ Dramatically reduces the surface tension of water as a wetting agent.

✓ Suppresses VOC’S, LEL’s.

✓ Chemistry does not contain Enzymes/Microbes.

Triton A-1

Remediation of Drill Cuttings

Triton A-1 was developed to provide operators with another option when it comes to their oil base mud cuttings. The costs to scrape and haul cuttings from a location are huge and the liability of having trucks going down the road is even bigger. Triton A-1 is another environmentally friendly chemistry that puts the hydrocarbon in the form that the indigenous microbes can consume. We are not adding enzymes, we are using the natural ones that are already in the dirt. Over the past 2 years, we have treated over 650 wells of cuttings successfully. With this chemistry, we are able to get the percent hydrocarbon from 70-80,000ppm to less than 10,000ppm in 3-6 weeks.

Typical Uses & Applications

Oil Pit Reserve Remediation

Oil Based Mud Cuttings Remediation

Soil Remediation

Odor Control

Typical Users

Oil and gas industry (including service sector)

Environmental companies

Product Description





Does not contain enzymes or microbes